Firth Communications

A typical Firth Communications route would include the following stop offs....

  • Brief but dynamic media meetings when there is valid news and not just for the sake of it..

  • Well placed features tailored to mirror topical new issues

  • An efficient and pro-active press office facility with media access 24/7 for all your brand offerings

  • Raise the brand profile of your company across all key media sectors

  • Establish your company as a key player in its respective arena  

  • Enhance corporate and trade business (if applicable)

  • Develop creative packages to generate media coverage and increase business

  • Maximise partnerships

  • Communicate with industry to increase product knowledge

As the industry continues to tighten its reins there is no longer a long lunch, launch and leisure culture within the media. Journalists have less and less time to spend out of the office and it is therefore more important than ever to offer inspiration and information which excites and inspires them at their desks.


As a PR consultant, I am there to advise you on what will and won't work within all aspects of the media. I am passionate about making a success of each project and will find lateral solutions where they aren't always obvious.  Client time and budget is of the essence and a forthright approach is currently the way forward.